Young Mavericks Excite

In the beginning of the year, Dallas started with several veterans on a squad looking to sneak into the playoffs. We were all aware that a first round exit was all but inevitable with the strength that the Western Conference has. Injuries to Dirk, Deron, Andrew, and JJ sidetracked those plans and Rick Carlisle had to rely on young guns as he pieced together lineups for the majority of the first half of the season. Guys like Finney-Smith, Ferrell, Curry, and more had shots at minutes. With more than half the NBA season over, the Mavericks have not only been fun to watch, but scrappy as well. This team reminds me of the mid to late 90’s squads trying to put together a winning formula. Back when Finley was the man and Dirk was a nobody. Well, we have a solid nucleus thanks to Donnie bringing in Nerlens Noel. This team has a great young foundation for this season and next season. Barnes, Curry, Ferrell, Dirk, Noel, Matthews, and our old guys in Barea and Harris are all fun guys to watch. Also, the athleticism of Dwight Powell is impressive along with the grit of Mejri. The Mavericks are poised to be like the Suns or Jazz, but the difference is we have a great coach and GM in control. We all know Dirk’s twilight years are not going to be pretty but if the transition can be done in a better way, then let’s enjoy his end and a new beginning at the same time.