Year in Review: Sean Lee

The General had an outstanding year in terms of health. Sean Lee was able to play nearly every game for the second straight season. Compared to last season Lee did not have the type of game changing plays we have seen. But he did quietly make significant and correct plays all season long. Looking at the numbers, here’s what we had:


Tackles: 76

Sacks: 2.5

Interceptions: 1



Tackles: 93

Sacks: 0

Interceptions: 0


On here, we did not account for assisted tackles but if you combine them then Lee was tied for 4th in the league with 145 total tackles. Even though the turnovers and big plays were missing from this season, it was nice to have Lee leading the group defensively. Next season should provide more support Lee support on the edges, and up front. This could lead to him making bigger plays throughout the season.