Year in Review: Jason Witten

Jason Witten is a sure fire hall of famer. He is probably one of the best Cowboys to ever step on the field. He is also a model citizen in the community and for the league. This season Jason felt like a rejuvenated 34 years old. On the field the story was slightly different.

Overall, the past few seasons, Witten’s numbers have been declining. It isn’t a shock that a player reaching his mid 30’s is showing decline. He hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2012, but is still very efficient. This season Jason caught 69 passes for 673 yards but only 3 touchdowns. For many tight ends that is a great year. For our guy it’s a decline but a steady decline. His numbers are actually close to what he did in 2014, and ironically the team went to the playoffs that year. We aren’t going to be tough on Witten because we understand the age, and the offense this season. He didn’t have his boy Romo and might not ever again. That doesn’t mean his performance is going to lack. He gives you a lot off the field in terms of leadership, and you can see the young guys take a huge liking to our guy.