Write About Dallas Sports

Are you a die hard Dallas sports fan who has educated opinions in regards to various team sports topics? Are you looking for a platform to show off your writing skills, and build up your resume?

Then this is the place you need to be. I’m looking for contributors here at Dallas Sports Fan Shop and you could be the perfect fit!

What and Why?

I’ve always had the goal here at DSFS to provide original thought provoking content. This might not be the end all be all for Dallas sports, but it is a platform for you to express yourself whether people agree or disagree. Here at Dallas Sports Fan Shop I’m looking for contributors to cover the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers. You can cover multiple thought provoking ideas within those avenues (no profanity please). Heck, even game previews or recaps are acceptable.

All I ask is that you contribute 2 posts per month. YES, only 2 posts per month. Why? Because this allows you as a writer to research and get a quality article out there to the masses. Also, I understand that just like myself, you fans have families, careers, and other things going on in life as well. But because of my love for the local sports teams, I enjoy sharing and writing about them as a hobby.

Join Me

Applying is very easy. Just email me at [email protected]. In the subject line put contributor, share in the email or attach a writing sample and why you would be the a great fit for Dallas Sports Fan Shop. Prior online writing experience is not necessary but always encouraged.


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