Who are these Mavericks?

The Dallas Mavericks were left for dead after Rajon Rondo and Tyson Chandler left, DeAndre snubbed them, and Wesley along with Parsons were in recovery. Now, after the first quarter of the season is over, Dallas looks like a beautifully balanced team. Parsons and Matthews are still recovering and the team is still competitive in the process. Raymond Felton is actually getting minutes (he could be on display for a trade) and he has been effective throughout his time on the court. Deron Williams has found the fountain of youth and has learned to pass the basketball. All this while the crafty veteran Dirk Nowitzki is doing what he does best, Dirkin it (ok sorry lol).

One of the biggest things that has helped Dallas get in sync is the offensive system playing to the strengths of his players. Coach Carlisle has done a masterful job in getting the most out of his players. ESPN recently had an article on how Dallas has been able to play well, and it was very enlightening. Zaza has become a steady contributor, and the team is playing very unselfish. Also, the excitement you see from the guys and the camaraderie has been infectious. Dwight Powell has been a very nice surprise and has infused some much needed athleticism. As Matthews and Parsons get healthier, Dallas can hope for a steadier attack and more potent attack. These two along with Deron slashing and Dirk hitting his jumpers will keep defenses on their heels. What Carlisle will need to work on is the defensive end. The Mavs are in the middle of the pack when it comes to points given up. Dallas is negative in point differential but only slightly. As this team pushes towards a playoff berth, it will be interesting to see how the depth holds up throughout the season.