When We Last Had a 1,000 Yard WR

When was the last time the Cowboys had a 1,000 yard receiver? Why am I bringing this up? Is it even relevant? Well, in an age where the passing game is dominant around the league, we need to discuss this for our favorite football team.

The chart above shows my concern for this team. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well, the story is more than what meets they eye. First and foremost, Dez Bryant‘s last healthy year was the last time we had a 1,000 yard wide receiver. It is ironic that the one guy who I target to get rid of is the one guy who was such a force just a couple of years ago. Now something I didn’t highlight was his targets but this about the yardage right now.

Since Bryant’s injury, the Cowboys haven’t even had a 900 yard receiver. A factor or major factor is the fact that the team transitioned from Romo to Prescott. For the past couple of a years the Quarterback play has been mediocre at best and not necessarily in a bad way. In 2015, Romo went down and our offense was a mess. This was the year we saw Cassell, Weeden, and that little guy (I forget his name eat the moment). In 2016, Romo went down again, but we had a rookie Dak Prescott lead a conservative offense which meant more running and less passing. Now in 2017, Dez is facing an injury, Witten has gotten older, and Williams has been highly inefficient so far.

This all could change in the next 8 games though. I’m hoping the offense starts clicking more through the air. We will wait and see what the Cowboys do of course, but we will also be interested in how the team attacks through the air.