When Loyalty Pays Off

Dirk Nowitzki. The name is synonymous with Dallas Mavericks basketball. He is probably one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. He revolutionized the sport and created the stretch 4. Today we learned he will receive a 2 year $50 million dollar contract. This deal is up $10 million from the previous agreed upon amount. Mark Cuban all but insured his franchise player will stay till the end of his career. What does this say about the Mavericks? Well, let’s put it this way, Cuban specifically stated that Dirk gets to do what he wants. I’m wondering if Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade might get news of this because Cuban just did it on them. Yes, earlier this month when the Heat were struggling to keep Wade on the team for whatever reason, Cuban and Dirk quietly agreed upon a deal. The respect given to Dirk my management and ownership is leaps and bounds over what Riley and Arison gave Dwyane. A franchise that was blessed with so much is now sinking, and here in Dallas we can’t snag a big fish but boy are we swimming above the water. Dirk deserves not only the respect but the payout. This should pave the way for other players in the league to recognize that loyalty does indeed pay off.