What’s Going on at the Star in Frisco?

Many of the die hard fans know about or have gone to The Star in Frisco. It is the practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys. Since COVID hit the US back in March, a lot of activities have been postponed or canceled. Today I’m going to share a little bit about what is going on there.

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A lot of activities in March, April, and May are done if they even happened. People are going out to The Star and enjoying the Tostitos Championship Plaza. Since restaurants have been open to a certain capacity, this has helped the traffic flow too. But The Star itself has done a great job trying to actively minimize risk.

When it comes to active events, something cool that I learned is that they are doing pop up drive-in movies at the Gaylord. From July 1-5th and then 8-12th, you can watch a movie, get some dinner, and enjoy some time out with the family in a safe environment. You will have to purchase tickets for this event, and it is $25 per car.

For more details, rules, and movies you can check out the official link from the team site below.

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