Week 6 Preview: Cowboys vs Packers

It’s here, the redemption game. Obviously the meaning is completely different but we want this bad. Let’s take a quick look at the keys of the game.

  • Pressure Rodgers: We might not be able to get to Aaron but we can sure make him release the ball quickly with pressure. If he has to improvise he will give us some chances at interceptions.
  • Establish the run: Ball control again will be key this week. The Dallas running game will be going against the best run d in the league. Expect a nice mixture of Morris sprinkled in today.
  • Poise: This will be the biggest test for Dak and if he passes we have to consider what this means. There will only be one Tom Brady but could there only be one Dak Prescott too?
  • Pass Defense: Pressuring Rodgers will help but the defense cannot let the Packers receivers get behind them.