Week 4 Preview: Cowboys vs 49ers

Dallas gets a chance to go 3-1 post Romo (yep, we are already there). This will be an opportunity to for the team to play a 49ers squad that has a lot of question marks, but also has the lethal Chip Kelly offense. Let’s take a look at a few quick things the Dallas Cowboys will need to do to win this game, along with some things to look for.

  • Establish the run: If the Cowboys establish the run early and ball control this game it will be a strong win.
  • Eliminate or minimize penalties/turnovers: The drive killers need to be lessened. Last week Terrance Williams coughed up the ball when Dallas was in striking distance, penalties like holding hurt us as well, and if these continue expect another close game. If we can eliminate the turnovers and minimize the penalties we win, easily.
  • Stop the run: Carlos Hyde hasn’t had a chance to really break free but this could be the game he does it. Dallas has a lackluster front 7 and if the 49ers get some success through the air, expect the running game to open up.
  • Will Dez play? This is a big question but if he does we hope it’s in a limited capacity. Last season it was a foot, and this year it is a knee. Both are not to be taken lightly, and if Dez needs to sit he should sit.
  • Pressure Gabbert: The 26 year old Gabbert is a bad bad QB (not in a good way). If Dallas can rattle him early, he will give up the ball. Blaine has thrown 3 picks and hasn’t been very efficient for the San Fran offense.
  • Unleash Dak: An easy but truthful statement. Let Dak loose in this game and watch his creativity go to work. Since Romo no QB for our team has been able to create like Dak. Now it’s his time.