Week 2 Preview: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos

Overall Series: 12 Games

Dallas Cowboys: 5-7

Last Matchup: Denver Won 51-48

Peyton Manning and Tony Romo delivered a heck of a dramatic matchup in this game. Both quarterbacks battled and the Cowboys had an early 14-0 and then 17-7 lead before losing at the end. They threw for a total of 900+ yards, 9 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. With neither of these two men at the helm, we will see a much different matchup between these storied franchises.

Keys for Denver:

  • Pressure Dak
  • Stop the run
  • Ball control

Denver is known to have a heck of a defensive unit. Von Miller is one of the best in the league, and he will show this on Sunday. The Broncos have to pressure Dak into getting uncomfortable early. An uncomfortable passing game will put Dallas on their heels early. Also stopping Elliott will be huge for Denver. It sounds simple but Elliott is a power runner and can slowly chip away at Denver’s defense. By forcing 3 and outs early, Denver can get Dallas out of rhythm. On the offensive side of the ball, it comes down to ball control. Simien is not a great quarterback, average at best. He will have to utilize CJ and Jamaal to move the team down the field. Also, I expect to see a lot of Sanders in this game. Him in the slot is always effective but he will shine this week.

Keys for Dallas:

  • Establish the run
  • Tire out the defense
  • Jump to an early lead

Dallas will have to establish the run for the air attack to work on Sunday. It is possible but it is a daunting task against the Denver D. By establishing the run, Dallas will then have the ability to wear down the defense leading to long drives. This will be a big test for a newer-ish looking offensive line. They did well against the Giants but this is a different team and different defense. The Cowboys will have to jump out to an early lead to make Denver one dimensional. If Dallas can get out to a two score lead, they will have this game in the bag early.

My Prediction: Denver Wins 23-13

Team Record: 1-0

My Record: 0-1