Week 14 Preview: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

It is finally here. We face the only team we’ve lost against this season. The Giants and Cowboys have some huge playoff implications on the line, and this matchup is geared up to be epic. Knowing Eli and company, the G-Men will be a tough battle for Dallas. A marquee matchup will be watching Odell vs the Cowboys defense, and Dez vs the Giants defense. New York is coming in riding a 4-1 record in their past 5 games. Dallas is 5-0 with a few close calls. Let’s take a look at what Dallas will need to do to win this game.

  • Keep the Giants offense limited – Keeping Eli off the field will be imperative for a win. Eli has always been a tough play for Dallas and somehow he always finds some magic. With growing weapons (Sterling, Odell, Perkins) and a vet or two with him, Eli will be ever dangerous.
  • Run game – Dallas will have to establish the run game against a tough Giants front 4. Zeke will have to battle but if Dallas can start horizontal against the Giants and wear down the D line, we could be in for a good low scoring smash mouth game.
  • Limit mistakes – The game against the Vikings was a tough game to watch. The excitement level was high but man was I nervous. It will be important for Dak and Zeke to control the ball along with the rest of the offense. Something we will have to watch Dak do better is pocket presence. He did utilize the run more often last week and we could see some more.
  • Force turnovers – Eli will give us a few opportunities at some interceptions. Rashad Jennings can also fumble the football. We will have some opportunities here, and they could be game changers.
  • Score Touchdowns – I believe this game will have limited opportunities to score. If Dallas gets into the redzone they will have to score touchdowns. Eli is dangerous in the two minute drill, and if he has to be in those situations it could shrink a Cowboys lead.