Week 13 Preview: Cowboys at Vikings

It’s been a little difficult to consistently put up previews (work and school have me busy). But let’s take a quick look at what Dallas will need to do to win this game against the Vikings.

  • Pressure Bradford: Sam has regressed each week this season and the Dallas Cowboys will need to keep the pressure on him to force Minnesota with a shorter time of possession.
  • Work the clock: It will be important for Dallas to keep the Vikings D on the field as long as they can. Scoring of course will win any game, but if we can have long 7-8 minute drives ending with touchdowns, this should be an easy game.
  • Run the ball: This isn’t a secret, but with the crowd noise the Cowboys will have to make sure they have some steady runs throughout the game. They usually do this but it will be equally as important as it’s been the whole year.
  • Special teams: Minnesota has an electric special teams and we will have to make sure we contain them correctly.