Week 12 Preview: Cowboys vs Redskins

Its finally here The NFC East rivalry is heating back up and we get our traditional Cowboys vs Redskins game. A lot is on the line for both teams in this game. Dallas is leading the NFC East and Washington is trying to cut into the Cowboys lead with almost a handful of games left on the schedule. Let’s take a look at some things Dallas will have to do to win this game.

  • Stop Robert Kelley – Kelley has been on a nice roll and you know Gruden likes giving the ball to this workhorse. Dallas will ahve to try to contain him if possible.
  • Don’t allow the deep ball – Jackson thrives getting shots down the field. Dallas will have to limit Kirk Cousin’s opportunities down the field.
  • Pressure Cousins – Simple but something that will rattle the young QB. He does have the security blanket of Chris Thompson, but if we can get to him in the second half or even rattle him early it will be a good day for the Cowboys.
  • Establish the run – Yup, we do this every week but this will mean a lot this week. In a game where both teams play similar styles, if Dallas can hold the ball and run well then they have this in the bag.
  • Limit turnovers – This isn’t an issue but it will be important to do or else the skins have an easy win on their hands.