Week 11 Preview: Cowboys vs Ravens

Well after a nice and fun drama filled week, we finally get the Baltimore Ravens. Currently the Ravens are at the top of the AFC North and are a weird team to play. Flacco has been inconsistent which could be the result of a very weak running game. Let’s take a look at a few things your Dallas Cowboys will need to do to win this game.

  • Establish the run: It will be important for Dallas to establish the run along with ball control. The Ravens have a strong defense but wearing them down will benefit the boys.
  • Pressure Joe: We know the Ravens QB can be dangerous but he can also be helpful. Pressuring Flacco will put some stress on their offense. With this you can expect some errant passes by Joe Flacco.
  • Play poised: With the pressure by the Ravens D, Dak Prescott and co will need to play poised. Do not get rattled and do not let the Ravens get in your head.
  • Minimize penalties: This was something that could’ve easily shot the Cowboys in the foot in multiple weeks. We really need the team to limit penalties. This will easily turn momentum and could be crucial in a game vs this team.
  • Score: The Ravens have played some very ugly football and won some very ugly games. Dallas will have to put points on the board and that doesn’t only mean field goals. They will need to score 3 TDs to win this game.