Week 10 Preview: Cowboys vs Steelers

A huge matchup this week for Dak and company in Pittsburgh. Here are a quick things the team will need to do to win this game.

  • Stay poised: This will be tough but Dak Prescott will need to stay poised in the game.
  • Stop Bell: Leveon is going to get the ball alot. The Dallas D will have to play honest and stay in there lanes or else Bell is running all over them.
  • Pressure Big Ben: Ben is a big guy to bring down but if the Cowboys can get him moving he will mess up. Also big Ben isn’t healthy and this could work in the defense’s advantage if they get pressure.
  • Establish the run: Zeke will have a big role again and he will have to hold onto the ball and make sure that he keeps pounding away.
  • Involve Witten and Beasley: These two will help move the ball down the field to position the team for a W. Along with Zeke the passing game, especially the short passing game will be crucial this week.