Week 1 Preview: Cowboys vs Giants

We are finally here to week one in the NFL. Your Dallas Cowboys will face off against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium today and boy will it be interesting. Dallas will start Dak Prescott vs Eli Manning, you will have Zeke vs Jennings, and Dez vs ODB. Of course those guys won’t be on the field against each other but the high profile offenses will be on display. Let’s take a look at some keys to the game for Dallas to succeed.

  • Establish the run: This is no secret for any opponent against the Cowboys. Dallas must establish the run with a rookie running back so they can ease there rookie QB into the game. As much as we think Dak is ready for the bright lights, we cannot discount the aura and power of having to start an NFL game. Pregame jitters are one thing, and this will be key to help Dak and get Zeke going. Plus, it will be beneficial to keep the Giants offense off the field.
  • Stop the run: As important as it will be to establish our own running game, the Cowboys have to stop the Giants running attack. With Vereen, Jennings, and a handful of others, we can see New York test the Cowboys D. With a weak front four, Dallas could be in trouble and they can abstain against this if they win at the line of scrimmage. Something that shows they are winning is stifling the run. Stop the run and make New York one dimensional. Then you can blitz Eli and force some quick possessions.
  • Get New York off the field on 3rd downs: If Dallas can shorten the Giants drive we are confident that our O line will wear down the Giants D line. Once that war is won, then Alfred Morris and Ezekiel Elliott will be in a position to eat up clock, yardage, and pound in a few touchdowns.

We will be interested (and worried) to see what the Dallas secondary will do against the Giants receivers. If the pressure is on Eli, they might look solid, if not, well expect a long long day for the boys. Our prediction for today’s game is Dallas 20 Giants 31. It will be a slow start for Dallas but I hope they prove us wrong. Who knows, the magic of Dak could be on full display.