Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter – Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Weber Charcoal Grill. This review is about the chimney starter by Weber as well. This item is a very helpful and useful thing to have when getting your coal started. I purchased one of these around the same time I bought my grill. The chimney starter came in one piece and is awesome! Basically, tear up and put some newspaper at the bottom where there is about 2 inches of space. Leave a hole in the middle to allow some airflow. Then inside the chimney starter add the amount of coal you’d like. Light the newspaper and your coal should start activating. Wait about 15 minutes and your coal should be ready to go. Simple and effective for sure. Just make sure to wear some good gloves when pouring the coal into the grill. I have noticed some discoloration on the silver but the item is a chimney starter so it’s expected.