Weber Original Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill – Review

So this isn’t a completely sports related review but it is relevant to the industry. As Spring and Summer come along, backyard grilling becomes more and more common. I want to state that I’m no grilling expert and the Weber is the first grill I’ve ever purchased. With that said, it is probably one of the best purchases I’ve made for our outdoor cookouts. When purchasing the Weber understand that this specific grill isn’t going to be the best option for huge cookouts. What this will be good for is small family cookouts. Now if you are a grilling expert you can get more out of this grill quantity wise. If you are an inexperienced grill guy (like myself), it might be a little too pricey but will hold up.

I researched grills for the past year before I decided on this one. My whole desire to get into grilling was (and still is) to learn how to smoke. When it comes to smokers though, they have a wide variety and at some crazy prices. Being the amateur that I am, I decided against this and looked for alternatives. This was one of the best alternatives I came across and affordable as well. This is an item that you do have to put together but it didn’t take more than about 30 mins to an hour. A few things I really liked about the Weber was the grill guard for the handle, temperature controls at the base and the top, and finally the temperature gauge. Of course the wheels are nice, and so is the pan to collect the ash, but the thermostat was a big thing for a person who wants to use this as a smoker in the future.

After assembly I had an opportunity to use this about 3 weeks later. Getting the coals ready was no problem and the temperature of this thing goes up pretty quickly. Once I was able to get the temperature where I wanted it, grilling was a lot of fun. My first grill was some hot dogs, and recently I did some chicken. Both times I was able to do indirect heat, and it worked perfectly. The top grate has some lever things on two sides to access the coal or add coal which was very helpful. So far there hasn’t been too much wear and tear and it still looks great. I did grab a few accessories as well. If you are in the market for a grill, I highly recommend this one.

*Currently for purchase is the copper or black. I purchased the black and it looks great!

Retail $149.99