Top Ten Dallas Mavericks of the 2000s

The Dallas Mavericks were a very successful franchise during 2000-2010. The team made it to the NBA Finals, multiple Western Conference Finals, and didn’t miss the playoffs throughout the whole decade. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Mavericks of that decade:



10.Shawn Bradley – The one player I felt Don Nelson loved. Bradley was posterized so much and is remembered for T-Mac destroying him during the 2005 playoffs. Bradley was mainly a reserve during his time in the 2000’s but was still effective defensively due to his height.

09. Jerry Stackhouse – Jerry was a former scoring champ and brought a nice offensive punch to the Mavericks during his time here. Besides his last season in Dallas, Stackhouse was a double digit scorer. If not for his 1 game suspension in the NBA Finals, I wonder if Dallas would’ve been able to fight out and win that series.

08. Erick Dampier – Damp the champ as a friend of mine called him. He received a big contract after putting up the only double double averages in his career. Dampier was a good fit at center with Dirk, the only problem was he had no hands. He spent 6-7 years in Dallas averaging around 7 rebounds and a block per game.

07. Devin Harris – One of my favorite Mavericks, Harris didn’t get a chance to stay around long enough. While he was here, he was the anti Tony Parker. Harris would demolish Parker by driving to the basket for easy layups. The only knock on Harris was his outside game, but the quickness and speed he displayed was amazing.

06. Michael Finley – Even though he was a cap casualty, Finley was huge in the early success of this decade. Forming a unique trio with Dirk and Steve, Michael was huge in disrupting defenses with his mid range fadeaway.

05. Don Nelson – Half the teams playoff appearances during this decade were under Nellie. Now, we all know Cuban and Don Nelson didn’t get along completely well, but both respected what each brought to the table. Without Don, we would not have had Dirk, Steve, and Finley leading the way to a new brand of Dallas basketball.

04. Steve Nash – Without Nash and Nowitzki, the team would not have enjoyed the offensive success they did. Even though Nash didn’t stay with the team for the whole decade, he was an important piece in building the team identity.

03. Josh Howard – We all know that post Dallas, Josh really broke down as a player. During his 6-7 seasons in Dallas, he was arguably one of the best players behind the big 4 (Wade, Melo, Bosh, Lebron) in the 2003 NBA draft class. Howard was a dynamic player who had an awkward yet effective jump shot. He will always be remembered for that ill advised time out during the 2006 NBA Finals, but he had more good plays than bad during his time in Dallas.

02. Jason Terry – I remember when we acquired Terry. He reminded me of another Nick Van Exel. Maybe it was the knee high socks or the head band, but Terry made a mark quickly in Dallas. One of the only players to be on both NBA Finals teams, Terry was integral during the early playoff exits and championship glory. His offensive game and skill set were the perfect compliment to Dirk. The pick and rolls that both men ran were fun to watch as Terry was almost always moving.

01. Dirk Nowitzki – The greatest player in Dallas Mavericks history. Their is no question that without Dirk, the team would not have reached the level of success they did.

Honorable Mention: Marquis Daniels, JJ Barea, Eduardo Najera, DeSagana Diop, Nick Van Exel.