Tony Romo Should Retire

We usually do not do too many controversial pieces. We also want to start off by stating our apologies if this looks like a very disorganized rant. Also, we have nothing against Tony Romo and we will state the reasons why retirement is his best option. The last thing before we start getting to our bullet points is that Romo WILL BE considered the Danny White to Dak Prescott’s, Troy Aikman.

  • Family – The main reason will be stated first. Tony needs to retire so he can spend a healthy time with his family. His two boys are young, and by the time Tony retires, his body will not be in a position to enjoy doing active things with them. Even something as simple as throwing a football will be troublesome if the QB doesn’t hang it up. Romo’s list of injuries involving his hip, back, collarbone, and so one are alarming. Yes, every area has had different severity issues throughout his career, and there is NO question that Romo is a tough guy. But to sacrifice the next chapter in your life (if being involved with your kids is that important when it comes to playing, and being active) then Tony should stop.
  • Legacy – Look, the window isn’t closing on Romo, it has closed. This is said as a Romo supporter. Do we feel sorry for him? No, why? Because he’s made millions and can now use that for the next steps in his life. Staubach and Aikman decided to retire whether it was there decision or not. Tony Romo needs to hang it up and be okay being a very statistically successful QB for the franchise, even though Super Bowls aren’t part of it. Winning a SB can solidify Tony but to be honest, we won’t judge him in this society as a weak QB for not winning one. Dan Marino isn’t seen that way. Eli is a two time winner and tell me who see’s him as elite.
  • Franchise – One thing Romo has to realize is that the Cowboys aren’t a family. Emmitt left, Troy would’ve left, Deion was let go. The NFL and the Cowboys are a business. They will drop you for cap purposes, they will let you go based on performance, and they will do it without hesitation. Jerry wants Romo to play. Jerry has an agenda. Until Dak starts winning, Jerry’s guy is Romo. Just wait and see how that changes when Dak starts winning and is more of a draw. Jerry will start speaking in terms of Romo being “completely” healthy, and how his health is important. Business is business, and in this case Romo will see the business side of a franchise that didn’t have hope beyond him until this season.