Tony Romo: Ring of Honor?

Well the Romo saga seems to have ended with him entering the broadcast booth. As of late, CBS will have Romo and Nance as their #1 NFL Broadcast team. With his career as an NFL player basically over, we ask the question: Should Romo be included in the team’s Ring of Honor?

So let’s take a look at the hard facts. He leads the team in nearly every passing category. He has a good number of wins and losses. He doesn’t have a Super Bowl win or appearance. The Ring of Honor holds these names:

Bob Lilly

Don Meredith

Don Perkins

Chuck Howley

Mel Renfro

Roger Staubach

Lee Roy Jordan

Tom Landry

Tony Dorsett

Randy White

Bob Hayes

Tex Schramm

Cliff Harris

Rayfield Wright

Troy Aikman

Michael Irvin

Emmitt Smith

Drew Pearson

Charles Haley

Larry Allen

Darren Woodson


On this list, not many are void of a Super Bowl appearance or ring. Nearly all but 5 are Hall of Famers or finalists. Romo in his career is closer to a Don Meredith or Danny White. Dandy Don has his name up there because he was the first to start winning with the team. I strongly believe that Romo should not be included because he hasn’t done anything Ring of Honor worthy. Those who disagree will state that he leads the team all time in passing yards, touchdowns, game winning drives, etc. His overall win/loss record isn’t amazing (neither is Troy’s), he didn’t even make it to an NFC Championship game (Danny White went to 3), and he was in a more passer friendly NFL. To really get a good grasp of Romo’s impact, we need to be removed ten to twenty years from his career. This gives the team multiple years and QB’s to look at. If Romo is still standing at the top of the list for passing in several categories, then yeah, maybe add him to the Ring. If he get’s overtaken by a few more or even 1-2 more QB’s, then he has no place to be up there with guys who went to Super Bowls, and build legacies.