Tony Romo Restructures His Contract

A couple of day’s ago news came out that Tony Romo had restructured his contract to save the team approximately $12 million in cap space. Several people saw the move as a step towards obtaining Adrian Peterson. In my opinion, I believe the restructure has more to do with cap space this year for draft picks and free agents.

The Cowboys have really only offered one big contract, and even that is not completely guaranteed. Greg Hardy is the recipient of the team’s largest signing and that is on a one-year deal. Also, the Hardy deal might not happen depending on the NFL’s ruling for his domestic abuse case. If this deal does go through, Hardy with his incentive based plan will eat up a chunk of the Cowboys cap space. Keep in mind also that the team has seven draft picks in this years NFL draft. The good thing about the draft now is there is a cap on salaries so the potential excess in cash could help cover these players easily. Another big item on the list is filling out the roster. Remember, they have team cuts in the summer time that could make way for a veteran to join the team.