Those Questionable Fans

So, let me start out by stating that this is just an opinion piece. Please do not take what is stated here as true across the board. Now, if you agree with me, then we are like minds. As a sports fan for 25+ years (no, I’m not giving away my age…) it has interested me and kind of upset me when I see fake fans. You know the type, born and raised in Miami but die hard Lakers supporters (without justification), or the kid who grew up in Chicago following the Patriots. I mean, seriously guys? Well, here are some theories of my own:


1. Winners only: You can also call this the casual fan. They jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, supporting the best because they cannot handle failure. They associate themselves with success through players trying to make them look like a genius in front of their friends. We all know that Kobe is good dude, you didn’t unlock any magical information to us.

2. Player followers: These people I respect a little more. You know these guys very well, they are the ones who like how a person plays for example like Stephen Curry or Lillard. The casual Carmelo fan who will follow the player wherever that player goes is a great example.

3. They are like my wife: Ok, I apologize to the female sport’s enthusiasts in advance. This is just an example. These guys are the ones who like a team because they are popular in the moment. They have no affiliation, they don’t know anything about the team, they just heard the team name and went with it. They might also have a hidden man crush on a guy and just don’t want to admit it.

4.  Confused: Yes, this can happen when a kid moves from place to place when they are young. I give these guys a little bit of a break too. I mean, how can you affiliate yourself with a place you have only lived for like 2-4 years. Some people do and that is fine, but those who don’t can get a pass. Just state some facts that are your own for this argument.

5. Just to be different: You know these guys. They choose to go against the grain to make you upset. Even though that person might not admit it, they are enjoying themselves watching you go nuts, stating that Matt Ryan is better than Tom Brady. Facts and logic do not work with this fan. They can be as stubborn as a rock.