The White to Aikman’s Staubach

The inevitable is here Cowboys fans. We held on for hope and the time is near. The Tony Romo era is coming to an end and it’s coming fast. Yes, Dak Prescott has only won a game as the starting QB for the team.. Prescott also is a rookie and we still need to see more. But, the sample set that we’ve seen has been convincing enough for me to make this statement, Dak Prescott will be the quarterback who leads the Cowboys to a playoff birth this season.

Tony Romo has been a fun quarterback to watch. Personally I wish that he could’ve taken us to a Super Bowl victory. The cold truth is that he is our 80’s Danny White. I’ve made this statement before and it’s nothing but true. When the Cowboys were establishing themselves as America’s Team, Staubach was redefining the position. Roger had issues with Landry but man they were an explosive winning combination in the 70’s. We all know that Danny White lost 3 straight NFC championships. He was never able to get over the hump whether it was the team or him. Romo is the same guy. He was never able to get over the hump whether it was him or the team. Romo never will get to an NFC championship game as a starter. Just like White, Romo will be a forgotten quarterback in the Cowboys path to success.

Is this Romo’s fault? Absolutely not. Sometimes this is just how things happen. Do you remember Steve¬†Pelluer? Kevin Sweeney? Gary Hogeboom? Probably not, but do you really really Remember Danny White? Exactly, unless you were someone who watched the 80’s Cowboys, you have no idea how White was. Now personally I’m not stating that White was bad. He was actually a good quarterback. The problem with him is that he wasn’t a Super Bowl winner. We don’t remember losers in Dallas and therefore Romo will be forgotten.