The Undeserved Pro Bowler

Yep! You can call this a controversial piece or a hate piece but this is straight truth. Dez Bryant was selected as a Pro Bowl replacement for Julio Jones. Of course Juliio cannot play because his team made it to the Super Bowl. But looking at pure statistics, Dez had a pretty bad year for a Pro Bowler. The person who was snubbed and should’ve been selected was Jordy Nelson. After coming back from a huge injury, Jordy posted amazing numbers for the Packers. Michael Thomas also has an argument to be selected although he was a rookie. The only argument made against him was the Saints didn’t make the playoffs. I’m not sure what pushed those who selected replacements to choose Dez, but this year it was a mistake. Check out the numbers and the impact and tell me he should’ve been selected. Not much of an argument to be made if you ask me.