The Star in Frisco: My Tour Experience

So a few weeks ago a friend and I had the opportunity to go check out The Star in Frisco. If you do not know what this is, it is the latest gem spearheaded by Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones. This facility is located in Frisco, Texas and is shared by the Frisco ISD football teams and the Dallas Cowboys. The facility opened up in 2016 and has been a huge attraction in the area. Currently they have a lot of development in the area, so when you try to get here just drive carefully. Now, without further delay, here is my own experience at The Star!

First of all, I have drove by the facility a few times to check out the progress. Being a die hard Cowboys fan and living in the area, I had to check out the latest and greatest by Mr. Jones. The street that this is on is called One Cowboys Way (amazing street name!). Parking is ample and the tour has several dates and times throughout the year. If you need to confirm a date or book a tour just click here to go directly to the team site. When you walk up to the facility they have a cool team shop on the corner and a very nice miniature football field. They also have a huge TV (Jerry likes his TVs) out front. During the season I’ve heard that you can watch team games out there. I hope to check this out myself and update you all about the experience. On the field, you will find people throwing around a football (like you see here) or just casually checking out the site itself. On the weekend this place does get busy so just keep that in mind when stopping by. Also, along the field they have markers that mark certain milestones in team history. Next up, let’s go inside this place and check out some goods!















When you walk up to The Star’s front doors, you will notice on the left a sign like the one I took an image of. They usually have someone at the box office too for those looking to purchase tickets at the door. Once you get your ticket (or have your ticket), the tour guide will scan your ticket and ask you to walk into the facility. Once in, you are going to see a lot of nice things, mainly the indoor field right in front of you. Now, keep in mind that they do not allow video so please do not take any video. Pictures are allowed through some parts of the tour. The tour guide will make sure everyone understands those rules though. So once everyone is inside, the tour will begin and it moves fairly quickly from the front of the building. The group is led to the right and you see some cool player information along the way. The first stop is the Frisco ISD locker rooms. We were allowed to take pictures here and man, these high school kids have it made! If you want to see some sweet locker rooms for youngsters, they have a pretty nice set up. From there we made our way onto the indoor field. Now, if you are a Cowboys fan like myself, ANY field that has that amazing star is just mesmerizing. We were allowed to be on the field for a while, and the information provided by our tour guide up to this point was really fascinating. On the field itself, you will learn about some markings not only for football but for soccer also. They have another big screen TV right above the goal posts on one side of the end zone (you can kinda see it in the image). Also, our tour guide was polite enough to take several pictures for individuals in the group if you’d like.















Once we left the field we made our way to the Cowboys side of the facility. Now this is where a lot of the cool stuff was. The team locker rooms are amazing. They are actually better than the ones in Arlington. Also, they have a really cool looking workout facility and cafeteria. During this side of the tour, our tour guide shared a lot of interesting information. I would do an injustice sharing that information incorrectly here, so I’m just going to say, “DO THE TOUR!”. Oh, on the Cowboys side of things they did not allow any pictures of the locker rooms or training room. Nor did they allow pictures for the majority of other things. So the amount of history our tour guide knew was very cool. We learned about the practice fields, how the city received a team after the Dallas Texans moved, how the team received there name, and more. From there we went down a set of stairs and had a chance to see some team uniforms. I cannot reveal what kind or what era, but they were freaking awesome to see! After this, we saw where the 105.3 team sometimes does there shows, and also where they do host some TV segments. We then went up another set of stairs into a lobby where the Super Bowl trophies were. They also had Super Bowl rings in this area too. What we learned was that this was the lobby for the commercial side of things (businesses, rented office space, etc.). If you looked a long the floor they had really cool player information and if you looked up you saw a chandelier that was mesmerizing. From here we went into a media room (that’s where the podium picture was taken). In this room they had some amazing historic photographs, and the podium was the same one Tony Romo made his famous speech in 2016. We were then led through a little hallway and saw a very artistic looking layout of all the league’s helmets. This display had a very cool story to it too.

This was the overall gist of the tour. I really do hope that as a Cowboys fan you guys check this place out. The stadium in Arlington is a marvel to witness, but the practice facility is so eloquently done. It doesn’t seem like they missed a detail at all. Oh, and if you get a chance, ask questions. It is a lot to take in but if you can remember questions ask them. Our tour guide was so informative and knew so much that they were very helpful in learning more about the team.


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