The Romo Press Conference

As fans we have stated mixed arguments over the past 10 weeks. Either it’s been Romo is done, Dak is the future, Romo will be back, and more. Well, today we had a chance to witness the official end of the Romo era. Yes, even if Romo comes in as a backup, his reign as the Cowboys starter is over. Tony Romo so far has had about a 12 year career here and every moment has been exciting. From the ups and downs to the fun press conferences and playfulness on and off the field, this guy was and is a class act. Now, this doesn’t mean Romo won’t have a shot to play this year. IF Dak gets hurt Romo is next in line. If the Cowboys are up big and they want to get Tony some reps, well then Tony gets in. The statement made by Romo was that leadership and understanding. The Cowboys are doing amazing and Tony understands that this is bigger than him. He understands that the team’s success is what’s important and provided to be a great role model for young athletes around the nation. Usually we don’t do long articles and describe things in much detail, but this was necessary. Our thoughts are spread out all over this article also and will be all over the place, we apologize.

It’s just that when a QB who was the savior of the Cowboys from an era of despair speaks, we listen. Coach Romo, backup Romo or whatever else you want to apply to his name, go ahead. Many fans of the great Cowboys Nation are sad. Several people that we know have personally stated that they will miss Romo but understand the circumstances. In no way, shape, or form has Tony given up, he’s just stepped aside. Leadership comes in many forms, and Tony showed us today that he understands a lot of what it takes to be a leader.

If you would like to read about the press conference here is the link from the official Dallas Cowboys website.

Tony Romo Press Conference