The Romo Era is Not Over

Tony Romo went down for the second time this year and is out for the season. The injury he sustained is the same that took him out earlier in the year. There has been growing concern that Tony will not be able to play much longer which is valid. He is getting older and the Cowboys have to think about the future. With that said, Tony is and should still be our starting QB.

Dallas needs to focus on developing a QB after this season. Now, the team has several ways of obtaining talent. It will be interesting to see which avenue they go to find a reliable backup, or a viable replacement. Several media outlets already have alarming QB’s coming to Dallas. We have been tied to Kaepernick, Manziel, RGIII, and more. Personally, if I was the GM of the Dallas Cowboys and I had the right cap space in my favor, I would go after RGIII.

You can say that he is a cancer, and he is injury prone. I strongly believe that this season that RGIII has had to basically sit and watch has been beneficial. Griffin is a smart football player and just needs the right mentor. Romo can provide great leadership and Garrett will have Griffin learning the system. Plus, if you bring him in with the understanding that he can take over one day, then there shouldn’t be any issues surrounding who should start.

The hard part of this will be when to let go of Romo. Now, over the past few seasons Romo has sustained some big injuries. What we should realize is that he hasn’t been injury prone. Now, with Romo hitting 36 next season, we really need to evaluate his window. I strongly believe he has 2-4 years left, and maybe 2 years of elite play. If the replacement doesn’t get a chance to be behind Tony for 2-3 years, then I do not believe they will be ready and stay competitive while Dez is in his prime….