The Rangers Kryptonite

Game 1 wasn’t pretty, game 2 felt like false hope, game 3 will probably be the clincher. The Texas Rangers did have one of the best records in the AL this season. But sometimes even the best record doesn’t tell the story of head to head matchups. Toronto is one team the Rangers have continuously struggled with the past few seasons. It doesn’t help that last year after being up 2-0, the Rangers lost 3 straight. It also doesn’t help that since then it feels like the team is cursed against the Blue Jays. The situation reminds me of (not totally) the Mavericks of 06-07 vs the Golden State Warriors. They were lower seeded and our worst possible matchup for the 67-15 Mavs. Dirk won a bittersweet MVP award, but the story was how his old coach built the perfect team to basically stop the Mavs. Well, here we are Rangers fans and we are facing our kryptonite.