The Now and The Future

This article is nothing fancy. No crazy statistics or anything like that. We just wanted to share some information for the average Cowboys fan if they didn’t know this already. While on the league’s website today we decided to see what players had 10+ years of experience on the team. Well, the number was very surprising and positive. Only 5 players have 10 years experience or more on the roster. Two have 9 years of experience, one has 8 years, and three have 7. What does all this mean? Well #cowboysnation, this means that your team has a pretty good window for the next 3-5 years barring any injuries or disastrous drafts. Wondering who the guys with this experience are? Here’s a list:

  • 14 Years Experience
    • Tony Romo
    • Jason Witten
  • 12 Years Experience
    • LP LaDouceur
  • 10 Years Experience
    • Justin Durant
    • Doug Free
  • 9 Years Experience
    • Orlando Scandrick
    • Brandon Carr
  • 8 Years Experience
    • Mark Sanchez
  • 7 Years Experience
    • Sean Lee
    • Dez Bryant
    • Barry Church

As you can see we do have several key players with experience on the roster, but the good news is the guys with 7 years experience should be able to get us another 3 years. We will have to find some corners soon and the never aging Jason Witten might have father time catch up with him in the next year or two. Romo is probably on his way out, and Doug Free could be battling for a position in the next couple of years. Future wise though, let’s take a look at our depth/roster.

  • Rookies: Dak and Zeke
  • 2 Years Experience: Byron and La’el
  • 3 Years Experience: Zach Martin, Lawrence, and Hitchens
  • 4 Years Experience: Wilcox, Frederick, Heath, Escobar
  • 5 Years Experience: Beasley, Claiborne, both Crawfords, Chris Jones
  • 6 Years Experience: Bailey, Tyron Smith

So the youth movement is there and is looking good for the Cowboys.