The NFC’s Marvin Lewis

Comparison’s are always made and drawn between players, coaches, general managers, owners, etc. This is a comparison between the Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and the Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Both men have benefited from a very loyal management. Both men have had slight levels of success. Both men have had very mediocre tenures. Finally, both men have been highly criticized by the fans of their respective franchises. Today I’m going to take a quick look between the similarities between Jason Garrett and Marvin Lewis.

    1. Garrett started his head coaching tenure at the ripe age of 44. Lewis started at the age of 45. Both men had been coordinators in the past. Lewis was a highly touted defensive coordinator while Garrett was seen as an up and coming offensive guru.
    2. Both men made the playoffs within their first 6 seasons as head coach. Garrett with a slew of 8-8 seasons had an amazing year in 2014. His staff and players had an amazing 12-4 run but fell short in the divisional playoff against the Packers. Lewis led the Bengals to an 11 win season but lost in the wildcard game to the Steelers.
    3. Garrett and Lewis have had a couple of 8-8 seasons within their first 6 seasons as head coaches. In Lewis’s first 4 seasons, he went 8-8 a total of three times. Garrett in his first 4 seasons went 8-8 a total of three times as well.

  1. Lewis has had pretty good defenses throughout his tenure as head coach ,and Garrett has had pretty good offenses during his tenure as head coach. Both men have done well on the side of the ball that they focused on before becoming head coaches.
  2. Neither coach has made it to a conference championship. A lot of coaches have not made it to the conference championship game, but these two in their first 8 years have only gotten as far as a divisional game.
  3. Garrett is 1-2 in the playoffs in his first 8 seasons as head coach. Lewis was 0-2 in his first 8 seasons as head coach. Pretty average….
  4. Both men have worked for very respected and excellent head coaches. Garrett worked under Nick Saban as a Quarterbacks coach. Lewis worked under Bill Cowher as a Linebackers coach.
  5. Lewis and Garrett have both coached Terrell Owens at some point. Garrett coached Owens as an offensive coordinator in the late 2000’s. Lewis had the unfortunate task of coaching Owens and Ochocino in one season.
  6. Tank Johnson and Adam “Pacman” Jones were on teams that had Garrett or Lewis. Both men were on the Cowboys when Garrett was a coordinator, and both men were on the Bengals while Lewis was a head coach.
  7. Finally, both coaches challenged between 40-50 plays in their first 8 seasons. Random but true haha

Below is a chart depicting the wins for both coaches during their first 6 years coaching:

Source: Pro Football Reference

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