The Mavericks Season Ends

Last night Dallas fought as hard as they could to extend their 7 game series against the Thunder. Unfortunately, they just didn’t have enough in the tank. The team was undermanned and outperformed from the start. Our talent level was nowhere near what OKC had and it will be a interesting offseason to say the least. Several players were injured like Deron Williams, Chandler Parsons, JJ Barea, Dirk, and more. Some of those guys were able to play while others could not. Dallas will have to look long and hard at how they want to tackle the next year or two of Dirk’s career. The team will also have to try and figure out how to stay competitive in a wild and evolving Western Conference.

Chandler Parsons might opt out leaving Dallas a hole to fill at SF. Parson’s has not been able to stay on the court for a full season, and Dallas has to weigh his value to the franchise. Several free agents have spurned the Maverick’s, and the trend could continue. Dallas’ loyalty towards Dirk could be detrimental but the big German has shown he is willing to take a back seat. We do not have many players that fraternize with others, but we could grab a player or two this offseason that are athletic and smart.

Deron Williams will have a chance to stay or leave as well. His performance this season was very up and down. Williams has deteriorated to the point of being a 6th man more so than a starting PG. The Mavericks have a good rotation if Deron stays with Barea and Harris. Wesley Matthews can also provide a good punch. Once again though, these guys do not have the athleticism to keep up with the guards in the league right now.

The PF and C positions were very interesting this year. Zaza played well early on and Salah came on late. Mejri is another player who was injured during the series. We really liked how feisty and aggressive he was in the paint. He does need to gain some muscle to be a little more physical. Dirk has aged gracefully and now it is time to get him on a better minutes restriction. The team will have to be super aggressive in finding a player or two to help with the transition from the Dirk era to the next era. We will have more on the offseason later, but right now we just want to thank the team for their hard work this year.

Oh, and don’t worry Mavs fans, we know what Justin Anderson contributed and he will be mentioned more for our offseason team plans.