The Maverick Crash

It’s over, its over, its over. Get ready to rebuild Dallas, because over the past 5 years not one free agent wants to be a Maverick. It is a code red here and almost everyone wants something different. Here’s a breakdown on another year of missing out on free agents.

  • Hassan Whiteside – Friday we had a good meeting with him but it looks like he used Dallas as leverage to get a max deal with Miami.
  • Mike Conley – He received max money from Memphis signaling the end of bringing in the Whiteside/Conley duo.
  • Chandler Parsons – Received a max deal from Memphis also ending a tumultuous tenure as a Maverick.
  • Dwyane Wade – Seems like the team nor Wade have serious interest in each other.
  • Dirk Nowitzki – He is waiting everything out while watching his German National Team.
  • Harrison Barnes – Has received a max deal from Dallas but is an unrestricted free agent. Golden State could match the offer once they find out what Kevin Durant wants to do.
  • Other free agents have committed elsewhere leaving the Mavericks to piece together another team.