The Game That Changed History

The 2014 matchup between Dallas and Green Bay still holds some bitterness here in Texas. It was easily a game for the ages and one of the most controversial in recent history. We call this the game that changed the course of team history. You could say that we are being a little premature, but check it out:

  • If Dez get’s the call his way, and Dallas wins, Demarco most likely stays
  • With Demarco staying the Cowboys probably do not get the draft pick that becomes Zeke
  • Prescott is not seen as someone they would want to groom instead trying to find more weapons for Romo
  • The defense could get boosted with draft picks to become better
  • Dallas might win a Super Bowl or get to one, but the bet on Romo is stronger than ever

Yep those are all hypothetical scenarios. The thought isn’t that far fetched though. If you can tell us that none of those would happen I would love to hear why.