The Demarco Dilemma…

With two days of free agency almost gone, the hurricane that is the NFL has slowed down slightly. Opening the day yesterday we received news of several trades, signings, and releases. How ever you want to look at it as a Cowboys fan, only one move has us all eagerly waiting and thats of Demarco Murray’s…

Early in the day yesterday we had rumors of Murray being a Jaguar or Raider, worst case scenario an Eagle. Let’s look at his possible landing spots based off need not finance and work from their.

San Diego Chargers: With Ryan Matthews signed as an Eagle and the Chargers needing a tailback who is a punisher, I don’t see this as a bad fit. Financially speaking it might not be ideal (unless the numbers actually work), but an offense with Rivers, Murray, Allen, & Gates would be explosive.

San Francisco 49ers: They were a running team under Jim Harbaugh. Now, San Francisco is in full rebuilding mode as several key players are either free agents or have moved on. Frank Gore the teams long time reliable back has signed with the Colts and that leaves a big hole in this offense. The 49ers have Carlos Hyde who showed great explosiveness, but to be an every down back might be something of a struggle in my opinion for him. Demarco would fit in with the team, but I’m not too sure that he is the direction the coaching staff wants to go.

Oakland Raiders: The hated silver and black, the bad guys of the NFL, etc. Oakland has positioned itself more so financially than anything else. The Raiders have a back in Latavius Murray who showed some flashes towards the end of last year. Is this other Murray ready for a starting role? I don’t know, but Demarco moving here would only make sense for a big payday. Also, I don’t think the Raiders will have a competitive team for a few years.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Here is another team at the bottom of the food chain in the NFL. I believe the Jaguars are a team Murray would go to financially speaking as well and currently they are in rebuilding mode. Does Demarco want to step back in team production while focusing on individual success? I hope not, but then again we can never rule out the possibility. We do have to keep in mind that Julius Thomas has signed with the Jaguars, and if they can get the QB position serviceable this could be a dark horse.

Philadelphia Eagles: Already making the biggest splashes this offseason. The Eagles have a new QB, new RB, revamped D, and still with several holes to fill. Earlier the Eagles signed Ryan Matthews and have Darren Sproles. Seeing Demarco fight them for carries could benefit Murray. Being a back who took a tremendous amount of carries the multi back system could work to prolong his career here. Also, Bradford and Murray are good friends and played in college together. ***Demarco has contacted Chip Kelly and is planning a visit to Philadelphia on Thursday. This could be the winner when everything is said and done.

Dallas Cowboys: So “America’s Team” has been oddly silent while other players are showing interest in them (Antonio Cromartie). Dallas revamped their offensive line over the past few years, and showed what power running means in this pass first league. We all know the accolades Demarco achieved and records he broke this year. For some reason though, Dallas didn’t go at Murray the way they traditionally do, and this is odd. A few years back the Cowboys made the mistake of overpaying for Marion Barber who turned out to wear down from all his usage the previous few years before. I’m wondering if the Cowboys learned their lesson or there is another running back on their mind. Jerry has always been a guy who wants a show, the star, the name, the glamor, and we all know Adrian Peterson is that guy. For Dallas it makes sense to offer Demarco an average salary but not top 5. I don’t see Demarco coming back here at that price.