The Dallas Cowboys are very valuable

Forbes came out with an article about the most valuable franchises in sports. In the beginning the article was misleading but with a little help from what ESPN had, it all made sense.

$4 Billion. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are estimated to be worth THAT much money. It’s been 20 years since we went to a NFC Championship game, and just as long since we won a Super Bowl. To be honest, this past 20 years has been the worst in Cowboys football. Multiple 5-11 seasons, ditto with 8-8, and the ups and downs of a franchise that at one time was seen as dysfunctional as the Raiders. How has Jerry turned it around?

Branding – The star is probably one of the most famous symbols in American sports, synonymous with winning, just like the Lakers, and Yankees. Jones has built great relationships across multiple platforms, and the alumni of the organization has built a fraternity several teams would be envious of. Also, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the most popular (yes, I did say MOST popular) cheerleaders in sports. Tex Schramm deserves credit for this one, but they have become an identity within the brand itself.

Facilities – With the Frisco practice facility being constructed, and the mammoth stadium build in Arlington, Jones has a very high valuation in those properties. Both of those items will/have generated multiple millions in profit. Jerry has also made profit from holding training camp outside of Dallas, building income through other facilities as well. Oxnard, and San Antonio have been locations the Cowboys end up at year in and year out.

History – It’s obvious. Ask any Cowboys hater. They get very upset when we refer to our 5 Super Bowl rings. We have more Super Bowl wins, playoff appearances, division championships, and Super Bowl appearances compared to any division rival. We have multiple players in the Hall of Fame, and several players who year in and year out express desire to play here (Adrian Peterson, we might need you just as much as you need us now). Let’s put this in perspective, the Cowboys have been to 8 Super Bowls by themselves. The Giants and Redskins combined have been to 10. One team is only 2 appearances away from matching two franchises who have been in existence longer than them.

Now, not all the credit goes to Jones. Tom Landry, Tex Schramm, these guys provided the vision that created the aura in the 70’s, Jerry and Jimmy revived it in the 90’s, and Jerry has kept it going in the 00-10’s. You can say its nostalgia, drama, excitement, or tradition (fathers to sons, and so forth). What we can all agree on is, whether we love them or hate them, they have been a success.