The Cowboys and Falcons Rivalry (well sort of…..)

So this matchup isn’t much of a rivalry per say, but then again any team in the NFL could say they have something against our “boys. Let’s take a look back at some moments in Cowboys vs Falcons history…….


  • We lead the series 16-9 (2 playoff wins against the Falcons)
  • The Cowboys came back and won both playoff games against the Falcons
  • Dallas won the first 5 games of this matchup and dominated from 1966-1985
  • Most recently the Falcons are above .500 in the past 5 games with a 3-2 record
  • Dec 16, 2006 in a Saturday night shootout, Terrell Owens infamously spit in DeAngelo Hall’s face during the game. This was also the lats year Michael Vick would play for the Falcons
  • Former NFL Cornerback Deion Sanders played for both teams during his career, and made his Cowboys debut against his former team in 1995
  • Currently, former Cowboy Justin Durant is on the Falcons. He signed with the team in the offseason
  • ┬áTony Casillas used to play for the Falcons and was traded to Dallas due to issues with head coach Jerry Glanville. Casillas won two Super Bowls with Dallas