The Cap Situation

So this will be the first year I tackle the NFL Salary Cap for the Dallas Cowboys. Unlike the NBA, the NFL’s situation is a lot more complex. With signing bonuses, incentives, pro-rated amounts, dead money, cap holds, releases, and trades, you can see several factors playing a role in a teams financial status. According to, the Cowboys will be 12 million under. This is a huge amount considering the number of players Dallas needs to bring back. Now of course if we get a discount on our own guys that would help but to free up this massive amount will take some work. The biggest name on the Cowboys roster is Tony Romo. He currently holds the biggest chip for the team. From looking at this site, it will benefit the Cowboys more if they release him after June 1st. Dallas will save 14 million by doing this, but we all know that Jerry is thinking something else. Moreso making things right for Tony by either keeping him or trading him, maybe even releasing him. Another cap casualty could be Jason Witten. His cap number is extremely high for a player on the back end of his career. Of course we here in Dallas love Wit, but this could be a sign that all aging stars go through. If Dallas can find a way to restructure his deal, it will be the best for both sides. Personally I see Dallas doing a lot of restructuring to bring back a lot of their own guys from last season. Do not expect Dallas to be a big player in free agency, and once again to use the draft to build. They will be able to release a lot of players to get close to being under the cap. Restructuring will be very important too. If you would like to research the information yourself, or add something I’ve missed please share. Also, check out this site, it’s really cool and helped me understand the situation even better.

Salary Cap Source: OvertheCap