The Beginning of the End

We knew it was going to happen eventually.  We knew that one day Dirk Nowitzki would no longer be an elite player, and the Dallas Mavericks would rebuild.  As fans, we hoped that the team would be able to lure a few free agents and pro long the end of one era to start another.  Typing this article showed me how our hopes and dreams can be hit by reality.  For which we always should have a plan B.

It might seem this article is being made to honor or signal the end of Dirk Nowitzki, and to be completely honest, it is.  One of the hardest things in life/sports is to let go and be less sentimental.  The majority of owners in the league have guys in place who can make these decisions for them.  For Dallas, Cuban and Donnie are closer to our franchise player more so than almost any other team.  A draft day trade by Don Nelson changed the landscape of this franchise, and several NBA teams followed suit trying to find their very own version.  In no way am I saying “Trade Dirk” or “Release Dirk”.  This is more reflective on the years we had to enjoy.  From 2000-2010 the Dallas Mavericks enjoyed their most successful decade in franchise history.  10 straight playoff appearances, multiple division titles, a couple of finals appearances (I know, I added 2011 into the mix), and competitive basketball to build a loyal fan base.  We witnessed that lethal fade away jumper imitated by some of the great ones, clutch playoff performances, game winners, and determination by one of the best ambassadors basketball could’ve imagined.  I’m sure Mark and Dirk have spoke about how the let him ride off into the sunset.  I for one just cannot fathom life without Dirk.  The only problem is, the time is coming, and soon enough just like everything else, this era will be a memory.

As we watch the new cast featuring Wesley Matthews, Deron Williams, Chandler Parsons, and the rest of the guys.  Watch and enjoy the final few years we will have of #41……