The 80’s Cowboys vs the 00’s Cowboys

Much has been made in regards to the Dallas Cowboys disappointing season thus far. The team has faced injuries and has not been able to overcome these issues. From Ownership to Coaching and so forth, criticism has been strong. Let’s take a look at the Cowboys from the 80’s and the team of the 00’s to see which team was better at well, mediocrity.

  • From 1980-1989 the Cowboys made the playoffs 5 times. From 2000-2010, the Cowboys made the playoffs 4 times.
  • The 80’s Cowboys made it to 3 straight NFC Championship games. The 2000’s Cowboys have only made it to the Divisional round.
  • Dallas only had two coaches in the 80’s (Landry, Johnson), while the team of the 2000’s had three (Campo, Parcells, Phillips). The Landry to Johnson transition was to refresh the team and move forward with a new approach. In the 2000’s the Cowboys were at the epitome of below average and bad which signaled for a disciplinarian coach in Parcells. The change to Phillips was to bring in a more player friendly atmosphere that was only successful for one season.
  • The team missed the playoffs 5 straight seasons (including 1990) in the 80’s. They Cowboys missed the playoffs a maximum of 3 years in the 2000’s (2000-2002). The 2010’s has been worse for the franchise and will be taken into consideration once the decade is over. 2000-2015 has been the worst stretch in Cowboys history.

These bullet points are an overview of the bigger picture both these era’s have gone through. The Cowboys of the 80’s were still dominant but fell into rebuilding halfway through the decade. The Cowboys of the 2000’s have had ups and downs as they trudge towards a long awaited Super Bowl appearance.