Texas Strikes a Deal

Well, actually the Rangers made two deals. In a few separate moves, the Rangers acquired Carlos Beltran and Jonathan Lucroy along with Jeremy Jeffress. All three moves look great on paper and all the team gave up were prospects at the moment. Hopefully none of them turn out to be too good, but right now you have to be feeling great about the Rangers batting lineup. It was and is well documented that the team needed some runs batted in and with Prince out for the year, this shows how serious the team is in regards to winning now. Carlos is a lot older and a sure fire hall of famer. Hopefully we can get a good DH year out of him. Lucroy is 30 years old and a two time all star. He will finally shore up a position that has been hurting for years in the lineup. Jeffress did a great job in getting saves for the Brewers and we could use a closer of his caliber.