Texas Rangers trade for Josh Hamilton

Earlier today the Texas Rangers brought back a player whose been through a lot in his life. Josh Hamilton who was once on his way to becoming a great baseball player for the club went through turmoil. Rangers fans remember game 6 in the World Series against the Cardinals. We also remember the slump and negative remarks about our city. Even the relapses were captured vividly throughout Hamilton’s time here. With those negative items, Josh also brought some good to the franchise. He was an ALCS MVP, AL MVP, 5 time All Star, and more. For the first time since Alex Rodriguez came to Texas, the Rangers had a face for their franchise. His story of recovery was respected as well and he was also forgiven for his human faults. I mention these things because not only did the Texas Rangers trade for a slugger who could bolster their lineup, they traded for a person who will affect the team emotions positively or negatively based on what he is going through. The team has received a great bargain deal, and we contractually will have Josh for 3 years (2 + 1 player option). As long as we do not have any issues off the field and our team moral doesn’t get effected, then we should be looking to turning around our season.