T-Shirt vs Jerseys

This question has been bothering me for quite some time now. We as sports fans go to many events a year. To show our support, we wear team related gear. These days with fashion is it more acceptable or stylish to wear a jersey or t-shirt. Let’s break it down!


Jerseys: The age old team item to wear. I remember as a kid supporting my favorite player or team with their name on my back. The mesh feel, the stitch or press, the colors, their was something special about a jersey. When we would wear it to school, we would think how cool we were. I mean, as kids, wearing a jersey to a game was a big deal. Nowadays you see people with jerseys on and think, man are those still in style? Heck, I know when I go to a sporting event now, sometimes I wear a jersey. The time has changed to where as we get older, the jersey fades away……. Or you become that fanatic with the stained jersey rooting like crazy for your team


T-shirts: So, with t-shirts you have a variety. Their are so many options and color combinations for t-shirts that the choice is plenty. You can wear team shirts almost anywhere, and when it comes to a game, they are usually more comfortable. When it comes to watching a game and supporting a player it can be difficult, but the shirts do have player information these days now too.


You could say jersey’s are for the die hard fans, maybe for those who want to frame them. T-shirts can be for the casual fans. I think what matters is how you are feeling towards the event. What do you guys say, jersey or t-shirt?