Sloppy Cowboys beat Giants

The title says it all. We were horrible. Cowboy nation, we were bad. Somehow though, the team prevailed.


What looked like a night all Cowboys fans were hoping to be over turned into a comeback for the ages. Offensively Dallas was anemic in the first half and couldn’t muster a touchdown drive. On the opening drive, the Cowboys basically imposed their will down to Giants territory and only ended up with a field goal. Two crucial turnovers before the half had Dallas down 13-6, yet they were still within striking distance. The 3rd quarter started with the Giants going up by 10 and Dallas cutting into the lead and bringing it down to 3. in the fourth, it seemed as if the Giants had taken command with a 23-13 lead. Romo led a quick drive capped off by a Witten TD to have Dallas within 3. Our defense had a few chances to make some stops and finally did. The only problem is New York was able to get a field goal and push their lead to 6. Romo then led the Cowboys to an impressive game winning drive with the final play a TD to Jason Witten. New York was left with little time to do much and Dallas was able to get the W.


Quick Takes:

  • Tony Romo was brilliant – From beginning to end, Tony Romo was masterful in the pocket. I was admiring how he led the huddle, was calling great audibles at the line, and he didn’t force any throws into double coverage. This Romo is the right guy for the job. His experience, poise, and patience paid off tremendously in the end.
  • Randy Gregory is hurt – Gregory played well but was injured near the end of the third quarter. Reports are that he has an ankle sprain and it will take 4-6 weeks for him to recover.
  • Dez Bryant is hurt – Dez was a little rusty which was ok. Dez missed an opportunity for a TD in the first half when Romo hit him dead on with a pass on 3rd down. Later on Bryant injured himself and the news is a broken bone in his foot. This will take him approximately 4-6 weeks to recover as well.
  • The running game looked above average – Joseph Randle almost gave the momentum away in the first quarter. A near fumble could’ve been devastating for our running game. Randle ran the ball very well though. I was very impressed with Lance Dunbar in the backfield. The NBC broadcast team stated that Romo said having Dunbar is like having their very own version of Darren Sproles. In the passing game Dunbar was very lethal. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Dallas will do to utilize him in the passing game. McFadden did a good job while he was in, but as I personally suspected, none of the running backs were able to get some momentum going. I feel the missed opportunities in the running game were due to them switching in and out, but right now Randle seems to be the lead back in this 3 headed attack.
  • Too many turnovers – Ok, I’m not sure about other viewers but this was very eerily similar to a few years back turnover wise, where it just felt like every bounce was going the Giants way. I mean, we even had a pass go off of Jason Witten for an interception…. Anyways, two interceptions both not completely Romo’s fault and a fumble by Beasley were huge. If Dallas could’ve atleast been able to keep the turnovers down to 1, this game wouldn’t have been as close.
  • Defensive issues – The defense wore down as the game went on and that is understandable. It will take time for all the new guys to get adjusted. The good thing is we have back up coming in the next few weeks with McClain and Hardy. Our quarterback pressure wore off, and our pass defense became weaker throughout the game. Also, there were a few missed tackles along with over committing on some plays. We are going to have to work hard to play smart. Mincey also almost had a costly penalty that would’ve been strong enough to run him outta town.