Should Jason Garrett be Fired?

Jason Garrett ends his 5th full season as Cowboys head coach this Sunday. Their is much to be desired after the end of this season. Should the Cowboys part ways with red Jesus or continue to build the foundation he’s envisioned?

Let’s start by knowing that Garrett signed a contract extension this January for another 5 years. Any move from this point would be costly but would it be worth it? Dallas has been in contention for the playoffs all but 2 seasons under Garrett. Now, the first year, he took over for Wade Phillips so that might not count (even though he posted a 5-3 record). His play calling has been subpar, and frankly the level of mediocrity is disturbing, or is it?

The team has built a foundation. Under Jones, it was hard for the Cowboys to find an identity. Several coaches came in and left without the ability to build a structure. Parcell’s was the only coach who did build a structure, but was forced out. Jason Garrett has made the Cowboys pretty boring in the draft. Does he deserve all the credit for building the offensive line Dallas has today? Possibly….. Stephen Jones has been seen as the current architect of the Cowboys financials, and I strongly believe he is working in sync with Garrett on many decisions. Jason is no fool, he has taken what he was a beneficiary in (the 90’s Cowboys) and tried to build his own version. In this regard, I believe Garrett should receive half the credit.

The offense is amazingly disappointing. Garrett took over play calling duties on Offense under Wade Phillips. The team has struggled to maintain a strong game plan on a weekly basis. The one complaint I’ve heard several times is why we do not make adjustments. Multiple times this season we started strong and faltered in the second half. Also, the team is very average when it comes to total offense over the past 5 years. The mark Garrett was supposed to leave as a genius on his side of the ball just isn’t there. Not only that, but even the defense has been struggling. We haven’t had a top 10 defense since 2009……

The players play hard. One thing that I have to say is the guys are playing hard. Week in and week out the team plays for Garrett till the end. Even if the outcomes are as demoralizing as the have been for this season, you see fight. Is this enough in the eyes of fans? Nope. I do know that this is important to create a culture, and with his leaders on the same page, it will create a strong culture. With Garrett we will have to practice patience. He has hit rock bottom for the first time in his coaching career. Let’s see how he overcomes this adversity and becomes the Tom Landry Mr. Jones wants him to be. Personally I would not fire Garrett, yet…..

47 thoughts on “Should Jason Garrett be Fired?

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