Should Ezekiel Lose Carries?

After the first couple of weeks we have seen a disappointing version of the 4th pick in the NFL draft.Ezekiel Elliott┬áisn’t the guy we expected to see so far. Is it too early to judge? Possibly. But not many rookies are getting the start immediately and if they are it is mainly on defense. Yes the Cowboys are starting Dak as well but that is more out of need due to the QB issue. The Cowboys could easily have started and should start Alfred Morris. Then they should work Zeke in throughout the game. Alfred Morris has shown and proven not only here but during his time in Washington that he is a true professional. He runs hard and is a very controlled back. What I do not like is the fact that Elliott is being allowed to use the first couple of weeks in the NFL season to basically get his preseason work in. His conditioning looks off, and the two fumbles against the Redskins proved that he isn’t NFL conditioned or ready. One of the reasons why McFadden could be traded is because of Elliott, but Dallas should’ve used the depth they had to build a strong foundation for Elliott to slowly work himself in. We’ve seen other backs with small bursts that gave us excitement, my concern with Elliott is that I do not see his so called “greatness”. Could we be a little too hard on Elliott? Yes, but if we aren’t wanting to see our players slowly build and grow, then they will fail due to inexperience. Murray, Barber, and Jones all had timeshares until they were ready. Elliott should go through the same. We support our draft pick, but we don’t support him gaining the reigns immediately. If that’s the case, sit Romo out for the year if Dak has us above .500.