Shawn Marion Retires from the NBA

After 16 years Shawn Marion will be calling it quits in the NBA.  There is no question that Marion still has something to give.  His decision basically has come down to family and I know we all respect that move completely.  Let’s take a brief look at his NBA career:

Phoenix Suns 1999-20008

Shawn Marion was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 1999 NBA draft.  He was the #9 overall pick.  His colleagues in this draft class were Elton Brand, Steve Francis, Baron Davis, Lamar Odom, Richard Hamilton, Ron Artest, and more.  As a rookie, Marion joined a team with very popular guards Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, and Anfernee Hardaway.  That year the team won over 50 games and lost in the second round of the playoffs running into eventual NBA Champions the Los Angeles Lakers.  Marion averaged over 10 ppg and was an exciting addition to a fast paced team.  In his second year, Shawn Marion received the starting nod and catapulted to excellence.  He averaged 17 ppg and over 10 rpg.  The team lost in the first round and ran into a few rough years afterwards.  Eventually the Suns regrouped and were able to draft Amar’e Stoudemire, and sign Steve Nash in consecutive years.  During 04-05 to part of 07-08 Marion and the Suns ran one of the most exciting offenses in the league.  With this era, Marion felt like he was a bigger asset than the Suns felt and had contract issues off the court.  He did average nearly 21 ppg and 10 rpg for a strong 4 year stint.  Eventually the 4 time all star was traded in a huge trade for Shaquille O’Neal and landed with the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat 2008-2009

In a move to help refresh the environment, Miami traded for a disgruntled Marion halfway through the 07-08 season.  In Miami, Marion was a perfect compliment to Dwyane Wade, yet the team couldn’t agree on a contract situation with him.  Now with two teams, Marion had contract issues, and wasn’t satisfied with offers from 2 different teams.  Miami traded Marion to the Toronto Raptors and finished his contract there before joining the Dallas Mavericks, and being a part of a historic championship run.

Dallas Mavericks 2009-2014

The Dallas Mavericks were coming off some very disappointing seasons when it came to the post season.  In Marion’s first season in Dallas, the team lost to the Spurs in the first round.  At this point, Shawn wasn’t the focal point of the offense and had become a quality starter for a veteran team.  Shawn’s second year in Dallas was a huge success from a team standpoint.  The Mavericks with one of Marion’s former teammates Jason Kidd, won the NBA Championship beating the heavily favored Miami Heat.  His time in Dallas was great for him and the team.

Cleveland Cavaliers 2014-2015

Coming into his final season, Marion wanted the opportunity to play for a championship.  He started early in the season but injuries and team chemistry became an issue.  Marion once healthy again wasn’t able to get back on the court during the NBA Finals and ended his career on the bench for one resilient team.

I know the little bit of history in Marion’s illustrious career doesn’t do justice to how fun of a player he was.  The Matrix as he was nicknamed, was one of the most enjoyable NBA players to watch.  In Dallas I feel like he found peace as a player and a home.  We as fans here wish Marion a fun and exciting retirement, and maybe he can share some stories being on winning and losing NBA Finals team’s.