Rookie Stats: Troy Aikman vs Dak Prescott

Before you get any idea that we are anointing Dak Prescott as the next Troy Aikman, you are wrong. We are doing a small comparison between the two players during there rookie seasons. Let’s compare and contrast both players overall and in there first season in the NFL.

Dak Prescott – 6’2″ 226lbs Troy Aikman – 6’4″ 219lbs
TDS – 12 TDS – 9
INTS – 2 INTS – 18
CMP% – 66.5% CMP% – 52.9%
RTNG – 104.2 RTNG – 55.7
W/L – 7-1 W/L – 0-11


Prescott and Aikman are close in size but Prescott is a lot more athletic. Both quarterbacks went through a QB controversy (Dak’s is still ongoing) and Troy basically had a very tough situation with a rookie head coach, a rebuilding football team, and a quarterback competition with Steve Walsh. In Aikman’s rookie year, the Cowboys didn’t win a game with him leading the team at QB. Dak has a solid offensive line, and a better than average receiving core that has helped him get to 7 wins. Also, Emmitt wasn’t a part of Troy’s rookie season and Dak has Zeke running all over the NFL right now. Due to the constant pressure on Troy, he had a very low QB rating and completion percentage. His td to interception ratio was also horrendous. Dak meanwhile has surpassed Aikman for most TD’s passing as a rookie in team history. His rating and completion percentage are astronomically better than Aikman’s. In no way are we saying that Dak is going to be better than Troy. But, it is interesting to see the comparison between both QBs. The situations are also different and we have to take that into consideration.

48 thoughts on “Rookie Stats: Troy Aikman vs Dak Prescott

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