Prince Fielder Retires

The news was shocking yesterday. He was having a terrible start to this baseball season and it came to an end in July with a neck injury. Nobody knew it would end his career. Prince had a similar injury which ended his season in 2014. Last year we saw a resurgence in the man we once knew with the Tigers, and Brewers. The 32 year old will be hard to replace in the clubhouse and in the lineup, and it seems (based on the Rangers moves before the trade deadline), Texas must’ve had an idea this was coming.

For all the ups and downs in a very enjoyable career, this is just devastating. Prince is a quality guy on and off the field. We hope his recovery is sound so his family can enjoy time with him as a healthy man. The Rangers will have to deal with his salary which isn’t supposed to come off the books until 2020. This is another issue entirely. Overall though, we would like to say, thank you Prince for the 3 years of service here for the Rangers, and we wish you nothing but the best.